Hello All,

I recently upgraded to 11.4.2 ZCM agent on my clients. I have run into an issue when deploying bundles with network credentials. I have a few bundles that are quite large and I deploy from the network running as a Dynamic Administrator with Network Admin credentials. The bundle has multiple steps with all using the Dynamic Administrator with Network Admin credentials. With the 11.3.2 agent, these bundle installs just fine with no errors. With the 11.4.2 and later agents, the bundle fails after the first action completes with this error "GenericActions.MSIActionHandlerError{Could not find or unable to connect with remote machine for the action.." I looked through the logs and the only error I see is that the dynamically created account is in use and could not be deleted. I decided to upgrade my zone to 11.4.3 to see if that would correct the issue, but the 11.4.3 agent produces the same issue.

Any help would be appreciated!