Recently upgraded a customer site from GW2014 SP2 to 2014 R2 SP1 HP1. Upgrade went fine for all components. Customer has three post offices and all three are configured in the webacc.cfg for the webaccess. The first poa specified is their largest poa. That poa went offline about a day after the upgrade and once it was back online the customer noticed that client logins were allowed, but no web connections were being allowed. It was say something along the lines of SOAP not being configured or such. I checked the webacc.cfg and made sure the the poa's were specificed correctly and right ports. Each poa has a different soap port specified. I simply restarted apache and tomcat on the webaccess server and it was fine. About 4 days later I had to make a restart on that first large poa and once again the same problem. I restarted the web apache and tomcat and was up and working again. This was not happening before R2. Not sure why it doesn't route to the second or third poa specified as well, I thought that was how it was to work. Has anyone run into this issue with R2 or have any suggestions?