After collecting and publishing IDM permissions with Identity Manager
Permissions collector, I can see the permissions (from entitlements),
but the accounts are not mapped and there is no permission holders:

Account :
4a9817023432174b95467647954b8af1 cn=TravoltaJ,ou=users,o=data 0
e20c9f1f984c414a897c452f0451d3a0 cn=RedfordR,ou=users,o=data 0

I looks like I'm missing the permissions-holder mapping and also the
account/user mapping.

I created a csv test application with account.csv and permission.csv and
it works fine.

Access Review is 2.0 , IDM is 4.5.4 with OSP witjh access review
driver and AD driver
I set only one Identity source : eDirectory
I used the default values for the Application (Identity Permissions)

Any idea ?



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