When Access Review is accessed the following error message is seen on the page

Error: An authentication error occurred during the OAuth2 server protocol execution

All http and no https yet

AD LDAP is the ldap/identity source (svr3):
OSP server (svr1) :
AR server (svr2) :

1. Installed tomcat/postgres and osp on svr1
2. Installed AR and pointed to svr1 for DB and OSP
3. Copied the uaconfig-ar-def.xml from svr2 and placed it in svr1
4. Ran the osp configupdate and configured the Access Review SSO Clients (iac/password)
5. Restarted tomcat on svr1/2.

Have I missed any obvious steps?

Here is what I see in the osp log on the svr1

[OIDP] 2016-11-16T10:38:55.288-0600
Level: ERROR
Code: com.netiq.oidpp.oauth2.handler.RequestHandler.resp ondWithPageError() [345] thread=localhost-startStop-1
Level: ERROR
Code: com.netiq.oidpp.oauth2.handler.HandlerException.<i nit>() [186]
Thread: http-nio-8080-exec-1
Correlation Id: 908280db-df88-423c-8cd3-6cdb9bb40d3e
Text: OAuth2 Client redirect URI registration is missing.

[OIDP] 2016-11-16T10:39:54.804-0600
Level: TRACE
Code: com.netiq.oidpp.oauth2.handler.BrowserHandlerBase. handleError() [583] thread=http-nio-8080-exec-1
Message: Send user to error page: OAuth2 Client redirect URI registration is missing.

Thanks for the help!