we are upgrading our clients to 11.4.3 (from 11.3.2, 11.4.0, 11.4.1, 11.4.2)

- if user is logged in but screen is locked a reboot is NOT done - in earlier ZCM versions a reboot was done
- if NO user is logged in a reboot is NOT done and the next Login takes ages (> 5 minutes) further logins are ok

I have found the following registry key in the documentation:
reg add HKCU\Software\Novell\zcm\SystemUpdate /v WaitForDesktopToUnlock /t REG_SZ /d False /f
However it works only if a user is logged in since it is HKCU.

I tried that key with HKLM - but I see in system-update.log at the end:
[INFO] [11.23.2016 13:37:22.924] [INSTALLING_PERCENTAGE] [INSTALLING] [100] [] [] [ZENworks]
[INFO] [11.23.2016 13:37:22.955] [AWAITING_REBOOT] [AWAITING_REBOOT] [] [] [] [ZENworks]
[DEBUG] [11.23.2016 13:37:22.955] [No Update watchers are running...will control reboot from the updater] [] [] [ZENworks]
[DEBUG] [11.23.2016 13:37:22.955] [No watcher instance running...] [] [] [ZENworks]
[DEBUG] [11.23.2016 13:52:23.196] [Still waiting for user to log on.] [] [] [ZENworks]
[DEBUG] [11.23.2016 14:07:23.426] [Still waiting for user to log on.] [] [] [ZENworks]

Loggin in at 14:26 took until 14:32 until desktop was visilbel and 1st message was: ZENworks-Rebot required ...

How can I force a reboot if no user is logged in? Or do I have to set the HKCU key to System / or any other registry entry? possibly "HKU\S-1-5-18\Software\Novell\ZCM" ?