I'm wondering if someone can help. We seem to be having a problem with our outbound GWIA falling over continually. The length of times this stays up varies but always seems to be our outbound GWIA. We have 3 GWIAS, 1 for inbound mail, 1 for outbound and another for internal system mail, this problem effects any one of these if I set it to do outbound mail.

After a lot of playing about I am starting to think this is coming from mail that is created within our Webacc's, everyone we have asked so far have not been using the mail client and the common browser seems to be Chrome. They all seem to be on the latest version of chrome and our current build of groupwise is 2014 R2 build 125229, except our webacc, which has just been upgraded to 125476 to see if this would correct this. The other side effect of this seems to be blank messages being received by people throughout the building. These messages originate from the mail created from the webacc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am spending most of my day monitoring and restarting this GWIA, support are currently working with me but have so far made things worse.