I'm curious as to the status of the NetIQ IDaaS offering.

Apart from the documentation on the website (below), I cannot find any
reference to availability, software or pricing.

Is this product available at all or has it been shelved?




Identity as a Service Powered by NetIQ
NetIQ provides the Identity as a Service Powered by NetIQ solution for
service providers, consisting of a series of product offerings designed
to provide multi-tenant management and per-tenant usage-based licensing
and audit reporting. The solution allows providers to host NetIQ
products as services for their tenants. The Identity as a Service
Powered by NetIQ solution consists of the following components:
NetIQ Services Director is the framework for the solution.
NetIQ Account Management Service manages user accounts.
NetIQ IdentityAccess Service manages identities and access to
applications whether the applications are hosted in the cloud or are
internal applications.
NetIQ Privileged Account Manager Service manages
administrative accounts for your UNIX, Linux, and Windows environments.

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