I have 3 Dell Optiplex 980's left in my environment and each time I load the Zenworks 11 SP4 agent, the IP address of that PC takes the DNS name from the previous installed 980 with the agent. So, PC1 with IP gets agent loaded first. All is well. When I load the agent to PC2 IP, let's just say, when I try to access PC1 remotely, PC2 pops up. When I look at the settings now of PC1, the DNS name is the same, but it has the IP address of PC2. After some time, PC1 drops off my listing and I can only access PC2. When I load the agent on PC3, same thing happens. I have 3 of this model PC and these are the only PC's I am having problems with. All my other PC/laptops are fine. DNS server a records appear to be fine or at least refer to the correct IP address for the PC's. I have updated the BIOS, flushed DNS from the PC's and uninstalled and re-installed the agent. Any ideas how I can get these 3 PC's to act like 3 PC's in Zenworks?