Greetings All Again lol,
We have a requirment to monitor and report on SQL backups that have
failed two days in a row. We are currently using Sentinel to monitor
for the failed backup event in the event logs. I would like to use the
SQL_BackupJob but it has a problem with search the SQL Error Log. When
the SQL_BackupJob tails the SQL Log it creates a copy of the error log
in the NetIQ\Temp filder. The agent's are all loaded on the C: drive
which many have less then 10 Gigs free space on it. When the tails the
log file it fills up the C: drive of the server and/or failes to delete
the created error file form the tailing process so I can not use this
job. Below is what I need to gather for the backup report, would
anybody know the best way to get this data? Hope all this makes sense.

• Database – Server name with database name
• Database Backup size – Size of backup
• Back Time – Time it took to complete backup
• Scheduled – Planned time that the backup maintenance plan is set to
• Backup type – Backup type
• Restore/Recovery time – This column is intentionally left blank since
we do not monitor restore/recovery times for backups
• Backup Date – The date the backup completed

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