I have a quick question about reports in zcm 11.4.3.
I have created a report that shows the versions of adaptive agent installed on the workstations.
(we are currently migrating from 11.2.0 to 11.4.3)
I have found that my report shows 67 workstations have 11.4.3 agent installed, 3 workstations have 11.4.0 installed and 135 workstations have 11.2.0 agent installed.
But I have found that the report is showing that some workstations are appearing in both the 11.4.3 list and the 11.2.0 list.
I can confirm that 131 devices have the new agent (11.4.3) installed as the zcm system updates shows that these workstations have been updated to 11.4.3 by the agent push.
If I run an inventory scan on a device with both agents installed, only the 11.4.3 agent is listed. I'm not sure where the 11.2.0 agent is being detected from. I do know that the 11.2.0 agent was originally copied to a local install folder(just the exe from the zenworks-setup page) on the workstation. Although this is not listed in the inventory scan.
Also what is the difference between the Instances summary list and complement summary list, the contents are completely different.