ZCM 11.4.2. I have Windows 7 device(s) still with 11.3.2 agent installed. But on server I see via ZCC Configuration - System Updates already newer 11.4.3 version listed, not 11.4.2 anymore to choose for updates/upgrades. 11.4.3 is with status downloaded (did appear there imported automatically by system). Updating primary etc. to 11.4.3 is planned, but not right now. So, is there a supported option still upgrade those 11.3.2 agents to (current primary version) 11.4.2? (Never had to deal with this kind of situation.) Well, not so big deal, probably can wait till primary server is updated to 11.4.3, but ... just curious. (Or, just maybe, upgrading to and using agent 11.4.3 against 11.4.2 server ... no, probably not good idea.)
More thanks, Alar.