I am running the DLU policy on Win7 computers and most of the time there are no problems. However, within the last 6 months, I have been having users sporadically getting their local windows password scrambled or something so that even though they log onto the network with no issues, they then get the Windows login screen asking for their username and password. This login screen does not accept their password (their network and windows passwords are sync'd) and if you try to use a local admin account credentials, that account gets locked. If you restart and log in to the computer only (no network login), the user still cannot use their local credentials, but a local admin can reset their password and the user can then subsequently log in. We have not been able to determine when or why this is happening.

Our environment: Win7 OS with Client for OES 2 SP4 (IR4), ZenWorks Agent 11.4.3. ZenWorks servers running on SLES11 SP4 (OES2015 SP1) and SLES12 SP2.