Finally, I have finished, submitted to publication, and it is available
to purchase my second book, this time about Validator.

Did you know there are almost 80 actions in Validator?

Ever seen examples of how they might work? Wonder when you might use
any particular action? Well then forget about my book, it is all
meanderings about the meaning of life and motorcycle repair. (Motors
are for wimps! Turn it into a real bike and ditch the motor!)

Oops, no that is my other other book. This is the one about IDM Validator.

I call it the Missing Manual, because, much as I love the Validator
team, and think it is a truly great product, they just totally forgot to
write a manual for it.

In true capitalistic sense I saw a niche, I try to fill it (poorly). Now
pay me money!

I initially wrote it for Validator 1.4, commenting on the differences
from 1.3. Then 1.4.1 came out (Those dev monsters! Wrecking all my
previous work) and the scope of differences between 1.4 and 1.4.1 is
actually quite impressive for such a minor release number. The release
notes/bugzilla list does not do it justice at all.

Thus I had to revise it, and tried to call out all the differences I
could find between the two. Thus if you are still on 1.4 and considering
changing to 1.4.1, first off, you should update. Second you can see the
differences between the two in this book.

When they release 1.4.2 or 1.5 I dunno what I am going to do to handle
those changes, but for now I am satisfied.

160 some odd screen shots of every thing I could screen shot.

If anyone other than that Tharp early bird actually ordered a copy
before I revised it, please let me know. (He found the link on the
publisher page and ordered since I forgot to hide it from the public for
a short period of time, since I was not ready, just printing a review
copy for myself).

Anywho, if you like Validator and want a reference, try it out. If you
are considering Validator, the book is a good summary of the
functionality overall, and in the various connectors.

Available as PDF or printed. Links to both my IDM books are here as PDFs:

The motorcycle repair is not publicly available, since it is likely to
get me committed involuntarily if known to the authorities.

For paper copies it is print on demand:

All mistakes are someone elses fault, so don't bother telling me about
it! Or else, feel free to point out mistakes, I will revise as it makes
sense. Whichever approach floats your boat, I am an equally opportunity