Hello Members,

Every time I modify the settings of a gwia, it has to reload itself. That's normal, I can accept it. But every time it takes more than 10 minutes. Once I've waited for more than an hour. This is not acceptable. 10 minutes of service outage is not acceptable at all. There is a gwia switch called "Kill threads on exit or restart". It is set to true. I assume this should kill every thread instantly instead of gracefully waiting for them to terminate. Unfortunately I see the following in the logs hundreds of times.
10:39:41 0DA3 Waiting for GWIMAP-Handler_12 to terminate...
10:39:43 0DA3 Shutdown of Threads

So my question is how can I speed up the restart of a gwia. Why is the killthreads not working? I know, I can do an rcgrpwise restart, but I have 25 GWIAs. Restarting them one by one manually is not an enterprise solution.