I'm having some problems with eDirectory 9.0.2 HF 2 on Windows server 2012R2. When restarting the server and/or eDirectory, sometimes nldap.dlm fails to load although it is configured as autostart.
Manually starting it via ndscons.exe works. Given the fact that it hasn't been very consistent I have been unable to log an error or link it to a specific (environmental?) situation.

From previous versions of eDirectory (on Linux) I remember that this sometimes happened when the eDirectory start was slowed down by a large DIB or slow server.

I've never had this problem with the older implementation that I used before the upgrade to 9.0.2 HF2. Does anyone know if this is a known eDirectory 9 problem ?

Note: IDM 4.5.5 is installed on the server as well.