there is a OES11SP2 which is the source server during service migration.
It is not possible to get the root-login. (Login to root via ssh to this
server is successful, so pwd is correct.)

At the source I checked tsatest; smdrd is running and listening at tcp
port 40193 ; DNS resolving is OK; source server has no replica;

in /var/opt/novell/migration/NewProj0/log/debug.log I get

2017-03-16 15:16:02,127 DEBUG - MigrationAuthenticationException
com.novell.oes.migration.framework.base.MigrationA uthenticationException:
Authentication to Server Failed. root password is incorrect.
com.novell.oes.migration.framework.base.MigControl ler.authenticateSourceServer(MigController.java:79 8)

What can I check to go further?