I installed IG 2.5 with OSP on the same server and this works perfect.
Now I am trying to setup SSO access with IDM 4.5.5 (OSP I was
following documentation but it does not work. Also I compared the
configuration in IG2.5 with the configuration in AR2.0 where SSO works.
I just changed IP addresses on IDM side and unchecked "Same as IG
Server" in Authentication Server Details on the IG2.5 side + i defined
correct host name.
It looks like IG2.5 is still using OSP installed on the same server and
some requests go to the OSP on the IDM side. Even the tomcat on the IDM
side is stopped, IG 2.5 gets login screen. (in AR2.0 uses login screen
from OSP installed on the IDM server)

....And I see an error in the OSP log file (IDM side).

[OIDP] 2017-03-21T13:51:00.083+0100
Level: WARN
Code: com.netiq.oidpp.oauth2.handler.GetAttributes.getTo ken() [447]
Invalid access token.
Parse External Token Format Details:
Unable to decrypt OAuth token.

Do you know what can be a problem? Is it possible this is a bug in
Is someone here who already tried SSO access integration with IDM in


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