We've finally deployed webmail 2014R2 (SP1HP2) and we've run into a
mailbox refresh issue.

Users are complaining they cannot delete messages, but what is really
happening is that when delete is clicked, webmail processes the item
delete but does not update the view. A little flash of an update on the
screen and then nothing happens. Either the open message still is
displayed, or the Manual Mailbox refresh reflects the delete did take

We run two webmail servers, one internal and one in a DMZ. Both seem to
exhibit this issue. Both are SLES12 with latest updates and both are

I did set up the auto-update port UDP/8500. For the DMZ webmail,
UDP/8500 is open from the POA's to the web server and there are positive
hits on the ACL showing traffic. Internally there is no firewall between
the webmail web server and the POA's.

In the POA logs, there are lines: Notifying SOAP client (471) at: <IP
Address> UDP port 8500

On each webmail server there are listener processes:
lsof -i :8500; netstat -tulpn | grep 8500
java 1107 tomcat 119u IPv6 16699 0t0 UDP webmail:fmtp
udp 0 0 <IP Address>:8500 :::*

The weird thing is that even as I'm writing this, the Mailbox window is
refreshing. A quick review of the log shows the above UDP/500
notification. Does the delete not even use this function maybe?

I didn't see the issue in testing at all, but we've had several tickets
on it now. At first I thought maybe it was intermittent, or not
reproducible even, but today I have had no problem reproducing the
issue. The webmail servers went production middle of last week, so
uptime really shouldn't be an issue.

I did check out a past threads, seems most folks had some issues with
not setting up the new auto-update port when 2014 first was released,
but since there isn't much that I already hadn't covered. Anyone have
any thoughts?