Hey there,

I'd like to know how Wake-On-LAN (WoL) is supposed to work if a NAC (Network Access Control) is in place. Having a NAC means that end devices are authenticated on the network switch, and only then is the end device granted access to the network (and everything else connected to the network can only then access the PC in that VLAN).

Of course, if PCs are not up and running, they have no authenticated session either, and therefore the port on the network switch they are connected to does not usually emit any frame in any VLAN.

You could configure a "static" WoL-VLAN as egress VLAN for all ports on the network switch (thus emitting those frames only but not accepting any). The WoL-VLAN would however be different from the usual VLAN the end device would be using (because the end devices can move in the network, but the IP addressing is site-specific).

So my question: Can you use a different IP address (different than the normal IP address of the end device) for sending WoL requests to an end device?