in order to get ZCM inventory data (cmdb) to a ticketing system I created a custom report (in ZCM) and set up a weekly schedule. Every Friday an email should be send to a Vibe system.
That said, if I start the schedule on a specific Friday, an email is sent on this Friday correctly. But then two days later a report is sent again instead on the next Friday (a week later).

We have ZCM 11.4.3. with 3 Primary Server (1 and 2 have the content replicated. 2 is used for imaging and 3 is a small appliance beeing the ProxyDHCP) and one external sybase database.

If I export the report and look at it in an editor, I cannot find anything that I can identify as schedule information.
Even exporting the report, uploading it and setting up the schedule again, it still leads to the same issue.

Via zman there is no command for creating or even scheduling a report otherwise I could have used a cronjob.

Additional scenario information:
The Problem is that on Friday the cmdb file is send to a Vibe system. A script fetches the file via WebDav on Saturday and imports the data to the ticketing system, so the file name must be unique. A workflow makes sure that the cmdb file is moved to another directory on Thursday so that on Friday the file can be stored without an exception. That means if the file is sent on another day than Friday we get an exception that the file name must be unique.

Do you know what causes this issue and how to fix it?

Thank you.