Seems like forever that we have been able to relay mail from our ERP system out to our customers. Suddenly it seems to now no longer work. I double-checked the settings in the GWIA for the access control, and it is set to prevent relaying and my list of exceptions, including the IP address range of the current systems, is there as it has always been. It won't allow the relaying of any message going outside without adding the user's Groupwise username and password into the ERP client's email settings, something we never had to do before.

This is a problem since our passwords expire regularly, and users won't be inclined to use the ERP email any longer if they have to also remember to go in there and change their passwords all the time.

What might have changed to trigger this issue? Is there something I can check in Groupwise?
We do not have SSL or StartTLS enabled in the GWIA, I did check that.

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