Is there a way to modify the Quick Info "Template" that is used to display the user info in GroupWise 2014?
From how it looks and acts like, it is a HTML page which most likely is created by XSLT, but I couldn't figure out if there are files which can be changed to change the look and/or add other hyperlinks.
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As most collaboration tools do not provide integration with GroupWise and the "Telephony provider" is rather deprecated, we are looking to ways to still smooth the user experience a bit. For the Addressbook details it is rather easy to modify the views files "def90.xsl" "def85.xsl" and "biz85.xsl" such that phone numbers are links which are supplied with "sip:" or "clicktocall:", then the user can just click on these phone numbers to call... (similar to how it works with the "tel:" supplemented link when a Telephony provider is selected.)

Unfortunately GroupWise does not allow to have the "Tel:"-Links without any special handling (e.g. just let Windows handle the "Tel:"-links), which would work quite nicely with Skype for Business or Cisco Jabber

The Quick Info behaves the same, but I haven't found a way to change it.

Any hints or directions are appreciated.