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Thread: Issues deleting messages in WebAccess 14.2.2

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    Issues deleting messages in WebAccess 14.2.2

    So I ran the "Configuration" for WebAccess 14.2.2. Now in WebAccess, if I try to delete a message, it only disappears if I manually refresh the screen. I have the client open alongside, and when I delete the message in WebAccess it does immediately disappear from within the client, but inside WebAccess it only shows deleted if I refresh. Thoughts???

    Also I am also seeing an issue since the update to 14.2.2 (I am on SLES 11 SP4 as well) where I was setup to be able to just enter mail.domain.com and it would automatically forward to https://mail.domain.com/gw/webacc

    Now when entering "mail.domain.com" it goes to https://mail.domain.com but does not append the /gw/webacc at the end. I re-ran the WebAccess 14.2.2 "configuration" and restarted all Groupwise services, no help. Also issue persists in every browser.
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