We have 3 companies so 3 @.coms set up on our groupwise users on 3rd company have transferred their domain to another provider - but I still have their local accounts in our groupwise system for clean up purposes.

We cannot e-mail them though - because our groupwise just delivers locally and does not send out to the internet.

for example joe.blow@company1.com could be reached through our system by emailing @company1.com or @company2.com or @company3.com.

@company3.com is no longer ours, but if I e-mail this person @company3.com it just goes straight to his groupwise inbox.

I must need to delete @company3.com somewhere within GroupWise but I have looked everywhere and cannot find where I need to delete it so that Groupwise will deliver to the outside and not just send it to the groupwise account.

Can someone help?