I've been testing 2FA methods to implement into our system. I have the smartphone + LDAP method working, so I wanted try email OTP authentication. I setup the method and the policy for e-mail, and I tested it by connecting the method to the Authenticators Management event. I get "Cannot send OTP. [Errno 111] Connection refused" when I attempt to log in, so I removed that method and logged into the Authenticators Management site to make sure the method was enrolled. It is enrolled so I tested it from the Authenticators Management site, and I received the same error message.

The message is pretty vague so I verified the policy details and the method setup. That all looks good so I made sure there were no firewall denies for the traffic. I didn't find anything to indicate that. My main question is what is the error message "Cannot send OTP. [Errno 111] Connection refused" trying to tell me? Is there anything specific I can take from this error message?