I had posted a request for help in the Version 11 forums when I had problems with this issue before. I thought I had it resolved and things were working or at least I wasn't getting errors within ZENworks regarding this. I am now all of a sudden getting a large number of errors on my iPrint printer deployment using Printer Policies.

From what I can see the Printer Policy is deploying the printers as requested. Yet on refresh the policy seems to not see the printers are already installed and attempts to install them a second time. At that point it kicks an error in the ZCC stating that the Printer failed to add.

POLICYHANDLERS.PrinterPolicy.IPrintPrinterAddFaile d

The issue is more of an annoyance then anything. The fix I thought had worked was to pull the printers in the policy out of iPrint using the browse function to ensure that the printers were named exactly like the iPrint server indicated. I didn't get that many errors after that was done so assumed that was the fix. Now that they issue has returned it mimics the previous issue.

ZAA: 17 & 11.3.x version
iPrint Appliance

Any ideas what else I should be look for?