since I changed from Groupwise 8 to 14.2.2 C3POManager.ClientState.SelectedMessages is Nothing. With Version 8 everything was fine.

I try to get the message ID using:

Public g_C3POManager As C3POTypeLibrary.C3POManager

Dim colMessageList As Object
Dim nMessageCount As Integer

colMessageList = g_C3POManager.ClientState.SelectedMessages
nMessageCount = colMessageList.Count
objMessage = colMessageList.Item(1)
messageID = objMessage.MessageID

When I debug I can see that:

g_C3POManager.ClientState is available and g_C3POManager.ClientState.ClientName has a value. But not g_C3POManager.ClientState.SelectedMessages

I tried everything. Does someone has an idea what I do wrong or what changed in Version 14.2.2