I have a WS that has a ZCM 11.4.3 agent in an unusable state. If I try to uninstall the agent from Programs and Features, I get a GPF almost immediately. So I thought I would use the ZENworks Cleanup Tool for 11.4.3. I downloaded the tool, extracted and ran it and this is where I ran into problems.

All I have installed on the WS is the plain ZCM agent. I don't have ZESM or ZENworks Full Disk Encryption installed. However, when I check the box to 'Uninstall ZENworks Agent', it automatically checks the box to 'Uninstall Location Awareness and ZESM options' and 'Uninstall ZENworks Full Disk Encryption'. I can't uncheck these boxes at this point. I assume these are the components that need to have the administrative password for uninstallation.

Then it wants ZENworks Uninstall Authentication. I don't want to pay for a service call to get a support key and I never specified an 'Administrative Password' when the agent was installed originally! I never specified a ZENworks Agent uninstall password, ZENworks Agent override password or ZFDE Administrative password. I don't know where in the ZCC you would do that.

How can I use the tool if I don't have either of these? All I want to do is to remove the malfunctioning ZENworks agent, what am I missing?