With ZCM 11.4.3, I used to get reasonably accurate inventory results. After upgrading to 2017 and pushing out the 2017 agent, I am getting almost random results. For instance, I wrote a custom report to get me the status of all machines with Windows 10 installed. I wanted the Build number (apparently "OS Build" in 2017) and I could translate that in Excel to a Windows Version number (why ZCM can't give me the version number, I don't know). I also wanted the SystemProduct which for Dell Computers is the Model such as Optiplex 7040.

With ZCM 11.4.3, I got reliable results for the OS build and the model. Now, I get Dell models like '1' when if I go to the detailed inventory for the same machine, the 'System' shows up as: Dell Inc. 01 Precision T1700, or it might be "Dell Inc. 01 Precision T1650", who knows? The Windows OS build for all of the machines with the 2017 ZCM agent on it is '9200' which is totally wrong.

I need an inventory system I can rely on; not one that makes things up. Is there a patch for this? When will this be fixed?