We have hundreds of computers that do not display any detailed software inventory in ZENWorks > Inventory tab > Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory link. The ZENworks Adaptive Agent properties > Inventory Details display the current date and time stamps for Last Scan Start & Last Scan End, but the Last Upload information is not current. On a few PCs the Last Upload information displays <none>.

As a workaround, I deleted the *-full.xml and *-last.xml files on the local device just in case there are any corrupt scan files that are trapped. I would also run the sac inv scannow command to perform another scan. When I go back to Agent > Inventory details, all Last Scan Start & Stop and Last Upload date and time stamps are current. Sometimes I would have to perform this task two times. The workaround seems to resolve the missing detailed software inventory list.

Agents have been set to "errors, warning, info, debug". The only commonality that the Zmd-messages.log reveal is "... doesn't exist in memory key cache]". Collection servers also serve as our primary servers and they are processing files.

The workstations are running on Windows 7, sp1, 64-bit. The agent is v.

My questions are:
Why is the inventory scan files not uploading to the Collection server in a timely manner? The date and time stamps can be days or months behind.
What causes the *.xml files to corrupt?
How do we know these files are corrupted? Are they just zero-ed out, are they not readable, or are they locked by another process when the ZAA is trying to read/write/access them?
By deleting the xml files, are we losing data we need to retain? Is this data needed for something else?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.