I'm working on interesting test case with REST service.

First command in the setup "generate" token.
As result I receive variable ${lvFullToken} = "token":"51f0611a57a0481ea868010caf89960a"

06/17/2017 21:21:22 INFO: Response: {"token":"51f0611a57a0481ea868010caf89960a"}
06/17/2017 21:21:22 INFO: Echo lvFullToken
06/17/2017 21:21:22 INFO: Echo: {"token":"51f0611a57a0481ea868010caf89960a"}
I need grab this token value 51f0611a57a0481ea868010caf89960a and put to another var.
I believe, that next action supose to be "Parse JSON and Set Variable"

I would like to ask for help: if somebody have example of the javascript expression to get data.

Something to get this result:
{"token":"51f0611a57a0481ea868010caf89960a"} -> 51f0611a57a0481ea868010caf89960a