I have a single primary server ZCM linux appliance that I upgraded from ZCM 11.4.3 to 2017 back in May. As far as I could tell, everything went OK. Recently I went to system updates to check for new pru's and I got the following error:

There was a failure when attempting to contact Novell Customer Center to retrieve available updates. Be sure that you have internet connectivity and that system update has been configured with the correct proxy information: An incorrect http status was received: 403
See the ZENworks Control Center log file (zcc.log) for the full stack trace.

When I looked at the zcc.log in /vastorage/var/opt/novell/log/zenworks, the last entry was May 4th which was when I did the update. Looking at the zman.log in the same directory I find that the last update for it was also May 4th. Same for sybase.log.

We do not have a proxy server and the update process was working fine in 11.4.3.

How do I fix this?