Since i've got the information regarding the API (thanks), I have been playing around with the different calls.

I have made the std. authorization with user/password as the igadmin and that works fine, but some of the Calls require different rights.

I have tried using the same authorization as a domain user with the right privileges but i cant seem to get either the right format of the string or domain accounts is maybe not supported in the user/password setting.

So my question to you smart people is:

My auth request is formatted as the following in powershell

"Invoke-RestMethod -Uri http://hjar04.bosttest.dk:8080/osp/a...h/oauth2/grant -Method POST -Body @{
grant_type = "password"
client_id = "iac"
client_secret = "xxx"
username = "igadmin"
password = "xxx"

If the username is igadmin it works fine, but if its a domain user no matter how i format it either as just user, with FQDN, with domain\user it always seems to end up with either a 500 internal server error or a 400 bad request.

If using a domain user i need different grant type or just something should be changed in the string format of the user. I'm a bit stuck on this so any help would be appreciated.

All enjoy this midsummer evening and hope to hear from you guys soon

Br Bo