Last year I upgraded my primary server from 11.3.2 appliance to 11.4 appliance. That migration process created a vastorage disk which I didn't understand, but things were working fine so all was well. Now I'm getting ready to migrate the 11.4.x (server is 11.4.3) appliance to 2017. I need some better understanding of the disks currently attached to my appliance.

I see a 160GB disk sdb1 mounted to /vastorage and also a 200GB disk sdc1 mounted to /var/opt/novell/zenworks. It seems that my database and content-repo are all on sdc1 (/var/opt/novell/zenworks). There is not much of anything on sdb1 (/vastorage). I kind of thought my database & content-repo was supposed to be on /vastorage so that future upgrades would just "take it along".

How can I make sure that my database and content are in the correct location prior to upgrading to the 2017 appliance?