I've been having an ongoing bug with a published calendar since this became a feature of GroupWise that I'm looking for some advice with.

The calendar with the problem is an organizational Holiday calendar that keeps track of all of the days that our office is closed. Published calendars were an ideal way to distribute the calendar so that if staff wanted it they could subscribe, if they didn't want it they wouldn't have to subscribe, and we can modify a single calendar and it gets reflected everywhere.

That doesn't quite happen. First of all I have confirmed that the source calendar is 100% correct, none of the following glitches exist in the source mailbox on the calendar. The first glitch is that when you look at the calendar from the /gwcal/calendar portal, every Friday shows up as being off as the day after Thanksgiving, but this doesn't show up when the calendar is subscribed to. There are various other random holidays that are showing on multiple or wrong days as well, for instance Memorial day 2018 is showing up on both the 26th and 28th of this coming May. The last thing that is showing up correctly in the calendar portal but not once the calendar is subscribed are some holidays are appearing with multiple objects. For example only a single object exists in the source calendar and the published calendar view, several holidays are showing up with multiple objects once subscribed in GW.

What it looks like is happening to me is that in some instances where I may have created the propagation rule incorrectly, or if I created a rule for the holiday for a few years and then have to extend it out again, even though the repeated object was deleted or corrected in the source calendar the errors are still published. I have tried deleting the individual holidays and recreating them, as well as unpublishing the calendar and republishing it but none of these have helped to "clean up" the entries in the published portal or the multiple instances showing up when it is subscribed in GW. Has anyone else run into something like this and been able to fix it without completely deleting and recreating the calendar?