Here is an example of a driver addon for BIOS an UEFI

img -rl /mnt/imgzen/drivers/10B_CARBON_5TH
img -rl /mnt/imgzen/drivers/10U_CARBON_5TH

The only thin I can find that says anything about imaging file sets is in parenthesis below

You can represent a file set in long or short forms. For example, file set 1 can be represented as follows:

Long form: -set=1

Short form: -s:1

So I created one addon with partition 2 being utilized for BIOS and partition 4 for UEFI and set the exclude file sets in the addon. Problem is when I run the imaging command it does not know anything about -s:1 or -set=1

img -rl -s:1 /mnt/imgzen/drivers/10_CARBON_5TH

also tried

img -rl /mnt/imgzen/drivers/10_CARBON_5TH -s:1

So bassically these are not commands that are passible to the linux environment. Is it possible to call an addon from command line? I know how to do it within the GUI of just img.