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Thread: "Send to Desktop" bundles disappear on next login

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    "Send to Desktop" bundles disappear on next login


    We're running 2017 Update 1 in our test environment, whenever we use the "Send To Desktop" option from the ZAPP it bundle appears as expected. However on next login the bundle icons disappear shortly after login, you can see them on the desktop initially but then they disappear.

    Not sure what could be causing this, the fact they are there at login and then removed in front of the user is very strange, I've added the zapp log as there are two error lines but I'm not sure if they are related, they seem to happen if I have bundles on the desktop or not

    [ERROR] [7/18/2017 10:24:47.462] [606374] [7560] [Test12] [zapp.interceptor - response - The response could not be verified. URL - http://localhost:7268/bundles/enduser/selectedfolder/S-1-5-21-376776080-686751999-2324919118-1019] []
    [ERROR] [7/18/2017 10:24:47.462] [606374] [7560] [Test12] [zapp.content: BundleService: getSelectedfolderFromDB REST call returns with failure] []
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