Working with Identity Governance 2.5.1, and doing a collection from a CSV. Most items in the Collect Permissions is fairly straight forward, but there are a number of items available that can be set. Is there any documentation on what these would be used for:

  • Provisioning Application Logical ID
  • Authoritative Permission Record
  • Link to Child Permission(s)
  • Parent Permission ID
  • Permission Value
  • Bounding Permission ID
  • Allows Bounding Values
  • Permission Grants Account
  • Provisioning Driver ID
  • Hide Permission from Catalog
  • Target attribute used for provisioning
  • Native Value for Provisioning
  • Provisioning Driver Internal ID
  • Permission provisioned by this permission
  • Allows Provisioning
  • Permission Value Type
  • Static Permission Flag
  • Assignable Permission

It seems like Identity Governance can do a lot more than what I am having it do, but the documentation on the options/attributes is just not there (or I just can't find it).

Any ideas on where the functions of these, or where the documentation for these are?