Hello again!

Running ZCM 2017 Update 1 now on 3 primaries, the third added yesterday for mobile management use. For some time, cannot say how long, the first primary often shows high Java utilization. The second primary usually keeps calm. We've noticed that sometimes when creating bundles they "get stuck" halfways. They seem ok and ready for use but clients get cached item error all the time until something like zman srf or a complete restart is performed on the affected server. We also note that huge log files are created in /var/opt/novell/log/zenworka/ZENLoader with names like java_pid3798.hprof (I've not tried to see what's in them)
On this particular server, when starting gui desktop (which we rarely do), the screen gets filled with notifications from packagekitd, seemingly trying to install an update over and over again, not showing wich one.

My question is, perhaps the easiest fix is to drop this server and set up a new one in the appliance version? If so, will this new server "look like" the old one in all respects? All content synced from the other primary etc? Or is there something I should check out that may be the cause of the behaviour? Note that the server works essentially as it should, most of the times no-one notices anything strange about it.