as our Access Review 1.5 (AR) installation has some "glitches" we want to do a fresh installation of Identity Governance 2.5.1 (IG). As IG should run parallel to AR for a few month I wanted to change the OSP client ID of the current installation to "iac15" (so when we remove AR later, the remaining client ID would be standard "iac"). Changing the client ID on OSP side was easy. But changing the client ID on AR side by calling "configutil.sh" and changing it in "Authentication Server Details" -> "OAuth SSO Client" -> "Client ID" had absolutly no effect.

What I did so far:
  • restarting Tomcat (of course )
  • editing tomcat/conf/global.properties
  • stopped tomcat, cleaned work & temp, started tomcat

But still no effect. Anyone any ideas what I am missing?