With PAM 3.2 has anyone noticed a bug where video playback is not working because the corresponding .webm file is not available? Looking at /opt/netiq/npum/logs/unifid.log, I can see that Audit Reporting in the FM Console shows an entry for the session as having video capture but when I try to inspect the video, I am informed that no video file is available. When I click on the entry in the Command Control report, and then click on Output, I see a screenshot. Looking at /opt/netiq/npum/logs/unifid.log for the Audit ID, I do not see any entries looking like the following:
Thu Jul 27 11:24:58 2017, 872, 1724700416, 2107, Info, recvvideo:: Received video file 'f85d11da-b1ee-4bbc-b1a3-24affd3a15e6_0000000001.webm', Copied in path : /opt/netiq/npum/service/local/audit/video/capture/
This leads me to believe the client never sent the .webm file to the PAM server.