14.2.2 across the board. Recently upgraded from GW2012. Windows server 2012 r2 on the webaccess box in our DMZ. Post offices are all on server 2012 r2 also. two MTA/DVA SLES 11 servers, one with GWIA (for now). I try do a quick search of one folder in the header bar search dialog on the WA it takes several minutes. I mean like 5-10 minutes before it returns results. If it doesn't just time out. I have tons of mail (40,000) like many users here. In the thick client, this takes MAYBE 1-2 seconds. usually it is less than that. It seems to be searching all of the mail even though I selected "this folder". This is unusable unless you only have a handful of email total. I have a request in and currently MicroFocus isn't being responsive. Their only suggestion was about shared folders. So I unshared everything with my account, and same happens. Thoughts?