I have a rather large bundle (13 GB in size) that needs to be deployed to about 30 Windows 10 x64-bit workstation. I currently have the Bundle's installation files, SolidWorks 2017, placed in a shared location (SAMBA path to allow local user accounts to also be able to reach them) and use the 'Copy Directory' Install Action to move the installation files to each workstation. Although the directory size is large and is expected to take some time to copy over, the process takes days and sometimes seems to timeout completely. When monitoring the installation directory's progress, it appears to copy over quickly but exponentially get slower as the directory moves closer to completion. As an alternative attempt, I have tried using the 'Install Directory' Install Action which uploads the installation files but cached files sent down to a workstation appear incomplete. Another possible option that I would maybe like to attempt would be to have the bundle execute the installation from the shared location, however, I would need some advice on how this could be done without having a Windows prompt appear about opening an executable from a shared path.

I am looking to be able to accomplish the installation of this bundle with the following scenarios:
- Installation of the bundle from a local user account
- Installation of the bundle from Dynamic Local User Account with non-admin privileges
- Installation of the bundle from Dynamic Local User Account with admin privileges

Would anybody have any suggestions on how this could be accomplished with such a large program?