I am hoping to get some feedback on how others might have handled this move. I have a long standing SLES11SP4 ZCM 11.x to 17.1 physical server that I am looking at migrating to the appliance. I migrated to an external sybase DB a few years back so hope moving to the appliance will be a bit easier. What I am looking at doing is creating a second primary server, have that server become my master primary. Retire the current primary out and then create a second appliance primary with the same name as the original.
What I am hoping to do is keep my ZCM name structure in place but start to split out services to help load balance and protect my deployment. The school is getting close to 1000 systems now and I would like to help speed things but as well as keep management of the systems easier.

Has anyone done this and have recommendations on what to do and not to do? Looking to keep this as simple as possible as well as avoid any major landmines along the way.


Richard Huhman