I have Quickfinder Indexing scheduled to run at 3:00 AM Daily. I also have a weekly scheduled event for Content.

The daily POA logs show the Quickfinder Indexing takes roughly 30 minutes to complete.

I noticed in the logs the following message for 19 different users.

03:04:06 3B1C Updating QuickFinder index: userld2.db (2242104)
03:04:11 3B1C Error: Memory Allocation error [F03E] in Squeeze.QFSqzIndex.2 ()
03:04:11 3B1C The database function 87 reported error [F03E] on userld2.db
03:04:11 3B1C Error updating QuickFinder indexes: [F03E]

The stats for all 19 of these users show a very high Quickfinder: Pending jobs =

Yesterday I ran through the recommended procedures to Rebuild the Quickfinder Indexes for a specific user, which I did for a single user. Once completed the results showed that user had no Quickfinder: Pending jobs =

This morning at 3:00 AM the normal Quickfinder Indexing initiated and has been running for 7+ hours.

Is there something about running an individual user Quickfinder Index that triggers a full scale PO Quickfinder Index Rebuild or what may have caused the daily Indexing to still be running?