I have a question about the "Approval Status" information available
under "Current Access" pages of Access request module.

The current behavior is that the "Current Access" page show the
permissions assigned to a specific user. When you click on permission
name some additional information are available, for instance, if the
permission is not granted by Business Role as mandatory or optional
permission, "Requires approval" is displayed. That information
disregards any requests that could be done and completed in order to
assign that permission.

Could be very useful having the information of the eventually requests
that authorized the assignments. In conclusion, each permission assigned
to users should be respect one of this three use cases:

1) Permission authorized by Business Role
2) Permission authorized by Access Request
3) Permission not authorized

Probably, at the moment, a possible workaround could be define report.

Anyone has idea about any views or table that contain that information.