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Thread: Unable to download emailtemplates from Notification emails

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    Unable to download emailtemplates from Notification emails

    Hi geeks,

    I have recently upgraded AR 2.0 (SUSE Linux) to IG 2.5 (Windows 2012R2) all components.
    I tested the sample review and mail notification was coming as usual.
    Now, I thought to customize those reviews notifications as per my requirement.
    Thus, I went to administration > notification mails > email templates > download. After clicking on download button,I got an error saying: HTTP 500 Error and error is redirecting to below URL.
    https://idgov.domainname.com:8443/ap...ization=Bearer eHwAIN/IgIXP/IC7QaUTZvQdfmB9JBHxvrH2w5JhGmLxe/V4khbX/GKLBYjgoCPWPtAgl0x@r3G355JAPdJRxww2EzlWb/sligCt1mrctlBNCKHCDPEHo7/UIyhp@ix68ff3qapzcuOSYFq8d7CkOumh2YINPobdCOfXyi9ll fGPpaSUONOV3sDKRLTbyaPuijZ4i6ezE2FQO5gRHWLmlA8quMb ySjQlipIg3EMWerqrFbe6

    Is this a bug or something?

    Thanks & Regards,
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