I just finished setting up a new zenworks 2017 sp1 server. Im trying to image a dell optiplex 3030 AIO. The computer gets an ip ok and sees the zenserver (pressing f8 shows its ip and I can choose it) but it almost immediately comes up with an error message saying the selected boot device failed. Ive seen this same behaviour when there are no drivers on the zenserver for the nic with older versions of zen. These PC's would boot into zenworks maint. mode just fine with zen 11 sp4. I have the Novell-pbserv, tftp and proxydhcp running. I can see the PC making a connection to the new zenserver, but I see this in the novell-tftp.log file :::
[DEBUG] [09/05/2017 14:11:20.000] [4738] [zmgtool] [4786] [] [zmgtool] [] [Read request from failed:
Error in sending an OPTION ACK packet] [] [] [] [Imaging]
[DEBUG] [09/05/2017 14:11:20.000] [4738] [zmgtool] [4787] [] [zmgtool] [] [File sent to --> nvlnbp.sys] [] [] [] [Imaging]

Any ideas on this? Computer is set to legacy boot and is a windows 7 pc.