Hey gang,
We are using Micro Focus Reflection Desktop Pro version: 16.0 SP-1 (16.0.308.0).

I am unable to use the following code to set CAPSLOCK.

Sub ExternalRecorded1()
' Generated by the Reflection Macro Recorder on 08-18-2017 12:26:55.56.
' Generated by Micro Focus Reflection Desktop Pro (16.0.308.0).

Dim osCurrentScreen As Screen
Dim osCurrentTerminal As Terminal
Dim returnValue As Integer


Dim LF As String    ' Chr(rcLF) = Chr(10) = Control-J
Dim CR As String    ' Chr(rcCR) = Chr(13) = Control-M

Set osCurrentTerminal = ThisFrame.SelectedView.control
Set osCurrentScreen = osCurrentTerminal.Screen

LF = Chr(10)
CR = Chr(13)

osCurrentScreen.CapsLock = True

Exit Sub

' Recording stopped at 12:27:00.13.

End Sub
Does anyone have a solution and/or is this a known "bug" in the version of Desktop Pro?

Thanks in advance...