Not sure where to start with this issue so will start on the ZENworks side. I have moved the bulk of my student computers over to Windows 10 EDU x64 (Build 14393). Most of the clients seem to be working with no major issues. From time to time I am having teachers complain that either the login process hangs for a long period of time or the shutdown process hangs on Restarting please wait or shutting down please wait.

Issue 1:
The login problem is hit and miss and not one I have been able to reproduce in the same way the teachers are complaining. The Windows 10 laptop is set to Autolog the computer on so that the student doesn't need to put in any credentials. The complaint is that it take up to 5 minutes for the login. The best I have been able to reproduce in this case is a short delay of about 30 to 45 seconds. I haven't been able to find anything in the systems logs that shows any different on any of the computers.

Issue 2:
The shutdown hang is a real issue at this point. It seems to be really bad after patches have been deployed. We do use Patch Policies for deployments but the system will hang sometimes several hours after the reboot request has been allowed. Force shutting down the laptop and booting it up fresh doesn't seem to cause problems and the patches that have deployed don't seem to be removed due to any issues.

I have disabled fast boot on the Windows 10 devices. Not sure if that would resolve any issues or not. The Computers are both Dell Latitude 6430 and HP 8460p laptops. They have SSD drives in so I don't suspect that to be a bottle neck and the fact that it doesn't happen all the time seems to rule out a drive problem. I have the latest drivers deployed for both hardware types.

Windows 10 EDU x64
ZAA 17.1
OES Client 2 SP4 IR6

Hopefully someone has some ideas that can at least point me in the right direction.